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Steam Game Free Key humblebundle Giveaway Civilization

(Excerpt description of the game on the wiki)

The game map is made up of square tiles on a grid. Each city, terrain improvement, and unit is located in a specific tile, and each tile can host any number of units, land tiles can contain a transportation improvement (road or railroad) and a land improvement (farm or mine) or a city. Cities must be built a minimum of two tiles away from each other (no two cities can be touching).

Each tile is made of a particular type of terrain that determines, among other things, how much food, production, and trade it produces when “worked”. A tile can only be worked if it is one of the 20 tiles surrounding a city, a tile can only be worked by one city at a time, and each city can only work a number of tiles equal to or less than its population.

Food is used to grow the player’s cities. Each population unit requires food to survive, and excess food is stored. Larger the population of the civilization, the larger the food storage. Production, represented in the game as “shields”, is used to build units, buildings, and wonders. Commerce powers the player’s economy. This commerce is split up as the player sees fit between technological research, tax revenue, and luxuries, each with a different purpose.

Each city’s citizens have a certain mood (happy, content, unhappy, or resisting). If most citizens are unhappy, the city falls into civil disorder and all production ceases; if a city remains in civil disorder for too long, it leads to riots. If most citizens are happy, they will like their leader and increase economic benefits.

Terrain improvements are built by Worker units. Irrigation increases food, mines increase production, and roads increase commerce and reduce movement costs for all allied land units using them. Two civilizations must have Right of passage treaty signed to benefit from each other’s roads.

Buildings enhance a city in some way and cost maintenance. Like units and Wonders, each one can only be built when the requisite technology has been acquired. Buildings require financial maintenance each turn, and can be destroyed. Only one of each type of building can be constructed in each city.

As in previous installments of Civilization, there are unique Wonders of the World that can only be built once per game. Wonders provide a variety of major benefits to a specific city, all cities on a continent or to an entire empire. Civilization III also added Small Wonders. Small Wonders have, for the most part, a sociological requirement to construct them, as well as a technological requirement. When a civilization captures a city with a Small Wonder, it is automatically destroyed. Some examples of small wonders are Wall Street, the Forbidden Palace and The Pentagon.

Steam Game Free Key humblebundle Giveaway Civilization

One of the major features of gameplay is scientific research. Completing the research of a new technology will make available new units, city improvements and wonders of the world, as well as special bonuses and abilities that are related to the technology. The technology tree is divided into four ages (Ancient Age, Middle Ages, Industrial Age, and Modern Age); each age requires the research of specific technologies to advance to that age.

Additionally, there are technologies that provide useful bonuses that are often essential for good empire management, or may provide different alternatives to it. Technologies can also be traded to and from other civilizations in return for resources or other technologies. Technologies acquired in this way can in turn be exchanged (also called ‘technology brokering’) for other new technologies by contacting one or more other civilizations.

Citizens are the people who work in a city. There are four kinds: Laborers, Entertainers, Tax Collectors and Scientists. If there are more citizens in a city than available tiles to work, the extra citizens automatically become Entertainers. The second expansion, Conquests, adds two new types of citizens to the game: Policemen (reduce corruption) and Civil Engineers (enhance building and wonder production).

Culture is a feature that was not present in previous installments of the franchise. Each city has a cultural rating, which is the city’s influence over local terrain. Essentially, the culture’s outer edge, or “border”, acts as the boundary of each civilization’s empire. As the city’s culture rating increases, so does its sphere of influence, bringing more territory under the player’s control. Culture serves two other purposes. One is allowing the peaceful takeover, and military conquest.

Every civilization starts with certain special abilities, and they have a special unit that is unique to their civilization; these units usually have a historical basis (for example: the Japanese unique unit, which replaces the standard knight, is the samurai).

(more – wiki)

Steam Game Free Key humblebundle Giveaway Civilization


Windows® 2000/XP (only), Pentium® II 400 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 1.7 GB Free HDD space, Windows® 2000/XP compatible video card*, Windows® 2000/XP compatible sound card*, DirectX® version 9.0b (included) or higher

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Steam Game Free Key humblebundle Giveaway Civilization

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